So I only have 2 of my own recipes here for the moment, but they are indeed delicious ones :).

Sunflower Seed Veggie Pâté in 4 Easy Steps

My favorite Veggie Pâté recipe ever – which has also become a favorite with my baby girl. (Do you know Veggie Pâté? It’s somewhere between a paté and meatloaf, but made with veggies and sunflower seeds instead. It is absolutely delicious. It makes wonderful sandwiches and wraps, can be used in a salad or simply enjoyed on its own. A very healthy and nutritious snack during pregnancy and breastfeeding.)

4-Ingredient Magical Chocolate-Blueberry Smoothie

One of the best smoothies. So chocolatey and smooth. And the blueberry-chocolate combo does indeed blend together magically.

I’m also including links to some resources that have been useful for me recently:

The Ultimate List of Food for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

A wonderful resource for prenatal and postnatal mamas, here is a very useful and creative list of healthy food ideas for pregnancy and breastfeeding, which also happens to be gluten-free!

Avocado Chickpea Salad with Crumbled Feta

One of my favorite pot-luck go-to’s.

Moist Chocolate Cake

The best chocolate cake recipe ever, truly. I don’t eat cake, but since finding this recipe I have been taking fiercely advantage of toddler parties as an excuse to make it. And it is so easy to make. (almost thrilling, come time to add a cup of boiling water to your mix!).
– I use half the sugar
– I use water rather than coffee (I am making it for toddlers afterall 🙂 )



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