Free Personalized Birth Affirmation

I would love to make you a free personalized birth affirmation!

Choose your background (or let me choose), and send me the phrase you would like, and I will happily make one for you. I believe in the power of these phrases as an inspiring and invaluable role during labor and delivery in helping to keep the mind focused. And I feel that the process of coming up with a phrase can be a powerful tool and a meaningful moment preparation for labor.


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Here are some of the beautiful birth affirmations that have been sent in:


aboutbw2 Hi! I’m Myriam, a former dancer turned yoga teacher based in Montreal. I’m also mama to two unbearably beautiful little ones, ages 1 and 4. ? I believe in the virtues of bringing breath and body awareness as well as humor and loving-kindness to new mamas, and mamas-to-be! Read more→