10 Best Gifts To Offer a New Mama

If you’re not sure what to offer a new mama you love, here are 10 simple gift ideas from the heart. Some are for baby, but most are for mum!

Top 10 Gifts For New Mamas.

If you're not sure what to offer a new mama you love, here are 10 simple gift ideas from the heart. Some are for baby, but most are for mum!


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origami-mobile#1: ORIGAMI MOBILE

A hand-made origami mobile. I know, we can’t all offer this because it means making one!! But if you’re looking for something original to offer and you have artistic fairy fingers, this is one of the most beautiful things I have in my in my baby’s room. Delicate presence and calming, graceful movements, a true beauty. (my drawing kind of looks like spiders, but they’re stars and cranes !)



This one came from a veteran mom, and was her gift to me when I first gave birth. She told me that no matter what I needed to talk about, 3amcallor if I was simply feeling exhausted or helpless, to call her at any time, even if it was 3:00 am! I never ended up using the offer, but it was extremely comforting to know that this option was there.



Twice I was offered this same (awe-some!) gift at around 3 weeks postnatal from the same friends: the “we’re coming over to clean your house” gift. Seriously, they just came in and cleaned. It may be an vacuumobvious one to some, or maybe sound a bit intrusive to others, but, although I felt like I just wanted my company to sit and relax (and that my house actually wasn’t doing too badly ;)! ), they decided to be the clean-dream-team anyways.. some vacuuming, some dusting, somefeather-duster wiping.. and it ended up giving a lovely fresh feeling to my home that was quite welcome :).



It works like magic! A natural and extremely efficient way to get rid of coconut-soapstains (as long as they’ve not already been baked in – and excluding banana stains, which i have yet to conquer 🙂 ). Fantastic for cloth diapers, but also on all clothes, blankets, etc. I discovered this one by Savonnerie des Diligences*, but I imagine many versions exist and that you can surely find these in your local natural products store. One of my favorite things to offer to new mums now.

*Each soap from this company has its own quirky little story, fun stuff!



204_lars-musical-lionThe cutest little guy. “Lars” the Musical Lion, is a musical plush toy by Happy Horse. He’s a gorgeous and colorful lion that, upon pulling his tail, melodically springs into song. (i believe he does Chopin’s Nocturne). Perfect for sweet moments before bed, or for keeping baby cheery (and occupied) while chan444_rabbit-twineging her diapers. I recently discovered the musical “Rabbit Twine” from the same series who’s pulled tail starts Somewhere Over The Rainbow. So, so cute. The musical choices are beautiful, the instrumentation chimes so delicately, the volume is just right, and there’s something kind of magical when the music starts, almost dreamy and wonderous.



This may very well be the perfect bum cream! 🙂 After trying so many different kinds, I found this one to be in a league of its own. Incredibly soft to the touch, all organic, this ointment-type cream by Douce Mousse has a very pleasant and subtle (again, all natural) perfume, and creates the perfect bum barrier. The texture is just right and works wonders at avoiding and healing rashes on baby’s bum, really! Highly recommended.


#7: SOAP!

soapI’m a fan of receiving soap as a gift. They say it’s good luck too! In any case, offering a soap to a new mama can help her to feel like she’s getting pampered too. I recently discovered this little soap company, Botanicum Cosmétique, lovely soaps, all natural, and the fragrance and flavor combos are great. My favorite so far is the Cinnamon, Lemon, Shea Butter bar, yummy 🙂



Receiving a warm smile or “Congratulations” from passers-by has been one of the nicer gifts I’ve had offered over time, and has on many occasions lit up my day. In turn, now when I see a tiny bundle cuddled up in a stroller or carrier, I love to give a smile and if it fits a, “Congratulations”, hopefully giving back a bit of light in return.



old-lady-eyesOlder women looking at you with love and emotion, their eyes saying “I have been there, I know the love and intensity of these moments, you are blessed”… Kind of like hearing “Congratulations”, these looks, so soft, have also been ones that have carried me through the day and lit up my heart. One older lady recently said to me, when she saw me carrying my baby “You’re holding a Million Dollars in your arms”…


#10: THE ONESIEbaby-in-onesie2

For mum! Just kidding. Who doesn’t love a onesie. I’m an inveterate fan. LOVE onesies. Short-sleeved, long-sleeved, patterns or none. Baby just looks so comfy and cuddly. I have been known to string out the onesie phase as long as I possibly can.  (My 3-year-old son still wants to wear his Fireman one to bed :)).






*Note: Chocolate is not on this list, but should be considered as an essential part of any postpartum rehabilitation 🙂 !

10 Best Gifts To Offer a New Mama #5: LARS THE MUSICAL LION

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