12 Tips for Breastfeeding Success

12 tips for breastfeeding success

Before having my first baby, I was clueless as to how breastfeeding actually worked. I had seen my friends breastfeed, and gotten a few pointers during my prenatal class, but the mystery remained absolute, and was only to be revealed in real-time when baby finally arrived…

Many surprises ensued!

Day 1: Wow, these guys really have practiced their technique in the womb. Already so strong! (Aww 🙂 )
Week 1: Wait a second.. this hurts..
Month 1: Really, again?
And so on.

I didn’t realize to what extent breastfeeding is something you learn, that it takes time to “master”, and that there really are tools to help us get by.

Here are 12 tips that helped me along my breastfeeding journeys.

12 tips for breastfeeding success



In the beginning weeks, both of my breastfeeding experiences were very painful. I know that it is usually said that it is not supposed to hurt if baby is properly latched on etc., but in my experience, baby and I had a learning curve we had to get through together, that meant a few days/weeks of discomfort and sometimes lots of pain. But I believed we would get through it, and I put myself in the mindset that it was “normal” to experience this for a certain amount of time. (That said, a lactation consultant can be of great help in case there are latching problems or other, etc.)

12 tips for breastfeeding success - giggling



Make sure your entire body is supported. Use as many cushions as you need to support your back, body and arms.

12 tips for breastfeeding success - giggling

Then see how it feels to relax the entire body, even the neck, face and jaw. (I know that’s hard to do when breastfeeding hurts!) A relaxed body can help to relax the mind, which in turn will be a factor in producing the milk production hormones.

I used a breastfeeding pillow like this:

12 tips for breastfeeding success - giggling

but there are also breastfeeding pillows that give height all around your arm, (which is where I was often lacking and compensating by raising my shoulder, thus tensing my muscles.)

Here are 10 more (fun!) tips for good posture



Drinking plenty of water is one of the most important parts of breastfeeding success. Aim for at least 10 glasses of water a day.

12 tips for breastfeeding success - drinking water


#4: A GIGGLE 🙂

*For low milk supply

Not that you really feel like it in the first weeks if breastfeeding is painful and exhausting, but if you can find a way to get a giggle, it can truly help with let-down reflex and augmenting milk supply as it helps to relax mama and release oxytocin, the hormone leading to milk let-down and production. I discovered this by chance the second time around because of baby herself 🙂 She gets so excited when it’s time to feed, starts sending me cute glances and grinning, which in turn makes me giggle.. which makes her giggle, which makes me giggle and so on. I actually found myself having a laugh more than once and without fail this brings upon a full let-down.

If baby’s not there to make you giggle, there are always bloopers (my favorite)or whatever gets you smiling. (these comics about parenting also helped me out!)


12 tips for breastfeeding success - giggling



*For sore nipples and plugged milk ducts

This is also a point I mention in my “postnatal survival guide” for new moms.

It’s a pretty simple one to understand, but as much as I can, I go, well, “boob commando.” I had problems with plugged milk ducts and soar nipples the first time around and found that « airing out my boobs » was a great help. So when the second time came around, I didn’t hesitate. Not the « chic-est » of all looks, but well worth it :).




*For clogged milk ducts

Ouch, I made this mistake after my first baby, when I started to go back to yoga classes. This unfortunately brought upon plugged milk ducts for me, which was so painful and took quite a while to finally get rid of.

12 tips for breastfeeding success - giggling



*For sore nipples

It is a well-known tip, but lightly coating the nipple with breast milk after feeding baby helps to relieve soreness and can prevent chapping.



*For low milk supply

If ever you’re having trouble with milk production, visualization can be a very useful tool.

Close your eyes, and imagine rivers and streams, see them in your mind’s eye. Then imagine that you are in these rivers, being immersed in the water or that the streams are actually flowing through you! I know, this sounds a bit “mystical” :),  but this visualization helped me out almost every time when my milk was having trouble coming in.

12 tips for breastfeeding success - giggling



Your partner can help out by sending over some encouraging words, pillows and glasses of water.

12 tips for breastfeeding success - partner helping



You most likely know of KellyMom already. What an unbelievable resource. A nurturing presence, KellyMom has comforted me so many times during both of my postnatal phases, especially in regards to breastfeeding by helping me feel that I was doing a great job and that I can do this thing.

I love you!

12 tips for breastfeeding success - kellymom



Lactation herbal tea helps to promote milk production and is also a tasty way to drink more liquids. Many brands exist, I used Mother’s Milk.

12 tips for breastfeeding success - giggling



We will both become pros! It may take a couple of weeks or even months, but baby will soon be a champ, and you too. You’re doing an amazing job!

12 tips for breastfeeding success - giggling

Please feel free to add your suggestions in the comment section below.

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